The Anthology Project hits the west coast!

Every year the AWS Team travels to the west coast to  deliver the Anthology Project to a Life Source Charter School. Check out the excitement the students, staff and parents have for participation in this amazing literacy opportunity!

The Summer Anthology Project

The Anthology Project is a high relevance literacy program that incorporates entrepreneurship, social emotional learning, and peer collaboration.  A Woman's Standard started this program in 2014 and to date we have published over 1,500 student authors. We have covered much ground across the country but we know there are organizations that may not have the funding to bring in the high relevance programs their students need. Through our non profit organization we are donating a The first Summer Anthology Project to an Atlanta area school or youth organization. This opportunity is available to any youth organization in the metro Atlanta area that meets the requirements listed below.

Are you a student that wants to tell your story?

Are you a program director looking for a relevant content to engage the students in your summer program?

Are you a parent looking for continued learning for your children over the summer?

if so... the summer anthology is what you're looking for!




The Details


The Process

Submit your application by CLICKING HERE.

 The AWS team will review all applications and select an organization that meets all of the requirements and is the best fit for the first fully sponsored AWS Summer Anthology Project.

If your organization is selected you will be notified by email and one of our team members will contact you by phone to finalize details and your formal acceptance of the program.

Our team will visit your location on the predetermined dates and deliver our AWS original programming for 5 consecutive days. this period is called Writing Week. During this week participants will be instructed on our unique writing process. 

4 to 6 weeks after Writing Week we will host a celebratory book launch event to recognize the student authors for their literary achievements.

More details will be provided to the program recipient.


For full consideration all applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • 15-30 middle and/or high school age girls to participate
  • Program must run over the summer
  • Must have a meeting space to accomodate all participants and our team
  • Must be responsible for all transportation, meals, and basic logistics for the program
  • Must have a Ceremony Location to accomodate all participants and their families for a few hours on the predetermined date.

The benefits

The summer Anthology Project has many benifits to your organization:

  • Improve student confidence, communication, socail emotinal learning skills, and interest in literacy.
  • Media will increase visibility of your program.
  • Optional fundraising program built in to raise funds for your organization.


Frequently asked questions



1. How long is the program and when will it start?

The program will consist of 5 consecutive days refered to as the Writing Week. The ceremony will be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks after the Writing Week. Our team will be onsite for a total of 6 days. 

The Summer Anthology will ideally begin in june and conclude by early August. Exact dates will depend on the schedule of the selected organization.

2. How much will it cost?

The entire Summer Anthology Project will be sponsored by A Woman's Standard Inc. The program will include facilitation, editing, publishing costs, and one copy of the final project for each student author.

Your organization will be responsible for the writing utencils, paper/journals, technology for students to type submissions, any decorations for celebration, and your standard operating costs to run your program.

3. When is the deadline to submit and when will we be notified?

The deadline to submit your completed program application is May 15, 2020. The program receipient will be notified by May 22, 2020.

4. How many programs will be accepted?

We will only select one organization this year. 

5. How old do the students have to be?

This program is most suitable for middle and high school age girls. Some exceptions can be made.

6. Is this program just for girls?

Yes. While the Anthology project can be a coed program our focus for summer 2019 is on the female students.

7. Would AWS accept an application from a church group?

Absolutely! We invite any organization within the metro Atlanta area to apply as long as you meet the requirements. Simply CLICK HERE.

8. How can I support The Summer Anthology Project?

We are still in need of investors, sponsors, and editors. If you are interested in serving to any capacity please email with the subject line: SUPPORT SUMMER ANTHOLOGY.

9. Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes, if you are interested in volunteering with our organization please CLICK HERE to complete our interest screening form.