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Meet OUR CEO & Founder, Tierica Berry

Tierica Berry is an award winning author, speaker and creator of A Woman’s Standard, a gender based youth leadership development program designed to remove barriers for female student achievement. With heavy emphasis on literacy, emotional intelligence, and self efficacy, Tierica has managed to motivate and redirect some of the most troubled youth with her engaging and relevant programs. 

Her Past clientele includes various types of youth organizations from public school districts, girls programs, charter schools and youth detention centers. Tierica has received national recognition for her creative writing program, The Anthology Project, and her highly relevant program that help with transition, refinement, self esteem, and critical thinking. 

She has authored multiple books for teen girls including Unpacking the Emotional Suitcase an activity guide for emotional success and is scheduled to release her 5th book in March of 2018 titled Teach a Girl to Fish: Lessons of Responsibility and Accountability for Young Women.

Her passion for empowering girls can be summed up in one statement, 

“If you want to elevate a community start with its women 

because it is through women that all communities are born.”

-Tierica Berry


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