Professional development


Unpacking the Emotional Suitcase

When young women do not have a healthy way of processing and redirecting emotions, suppression tends to be a common solution. For these young women each emotionally traumatic experience is shoved into their Emotional Suitcases. These young ladies carry that suitcase wherever they go. Over time the suitcase fills up with a plethora of negative experiences and becomes too heavy to carry, too messy to sort through and hopeless to unload. With no hope, relief, or help in sight they turn to at-risk behaviors such as drugs, bullying, gang life, and sometimes suicide in order to avoid facing that “Emotional Suitcase!” 

In this interactive workshop Tierica breaks down the Emotional Processing System and provides practical steps to help young ladies unpack their emotional suitcases. 

7 Secrets to Emotional Learning

What is the source of disruptive behavior among students?  What are the emotional triggers that escalate a situation into disruptive, disrespectful or violent behavior?  What are the skills and strategies teachers need to de-escalate a potentially volatile situation with students?  How can teachers and leaders help students more effectively process emotions that lead to disruptive behavior?

Through an understanding of Social Emotional Learning, this professional development series offers teachers and leaders practical steps, strategies, tips and tools to address these issues in their classroom management and school culture. It empowers them to transform potentially volatile situations into opportunities for character development, greater student growth, engagement and achievement.