Youth development

The Anthology Project

The Anthology Project is a high relevance literacy program that combines creative writing and entrepreneurship. Our facilitators guide students through our unique writing and publishing process to help develop reading, writing, and communication skills while teaching entrepreneurship, and fostering empowerment. The relevancy, publishing, and optional fundraising component are just a few of the points that differentiate us from other literacy programs. Completion of this program will result in a collaborative published book authored by your students. Program includes all costs for publishing, copyright, ecommerce, and printing of the 1st 25 copies. Additional copies may be secured for the cost of printing.


Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies is curriculum designed for groups of female students and can be used in a variety of settings including but not limited to, small groups, traditional classroom settings, after school, faith based organizations and mentoring programs. This curriculum infuses life lessons with healthy debate, open discussion, journaling and creative literacy to positively impact participants in a relevant and highly effective manner. Organizations have the option to bring in the AWS team to facilitate the program or utilize the curriculum to have your staff administer the program on your own. The curriculum is made up of flexible lessons that can be customized to coincide with any program schedule.